The Resurrection of Meaningful Sports and Counting on the Orioles to go 0-60

This is my first blog and I’m trying to get a hang of things so bare with me.

The scary thought of losing my whole paycheck is definitely outweighed by the thrill of being able to gamble confidently. That is why we are degenerates. This is what we do. We live by the sword and we also DIE by the sword. As you know, most of us have been tossing money on random shit just to get that feeling back, but nothing will compare to wagering on the 4 Major sports. NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB

So far my picks have been pretty good for the MLB. Two days in and the record is 6-2. I’m not the best and never will be. If I was I wouldn’t be writing this blog, and I certainly wouldn’t be working construction. I would be out by the pool somewhere in Florida or California sipping on 1942 Don Julio.

I’ve come to the ultimate conclusion that the Orioles suck. This season I’m literally going to bet against them every single game. Yes ALL 60 games. And if it doesn’t pay off, then thats what I get for being a loser. I’m also going to say that when’s OK to take that -350 any anytime….there is nothing worse then losing to the line. You don’t have to make a steady habit of it, but don’t always shy away from it, it pays off.

Pick today

Orioles @ Red Sox

Red Sox -1.5 (-105)

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