Is Chavy The Best Gambler of All Time?


Last night was opening day for baseball and like my fellow Branders I offered some STONE COLD LOCKS OF THE CENTURY….OF THE WEEK to give the people who just got their tax return (because they waited until the last minute to file like me) an easy way to double triple their money.

Also Potok, Stevie Stats, Walsh, and Richie gave some great picks so if you choose to only take one of our picks to the bank you’re still guaranteed to double your money (that’s a Branded Sports promise).

Now those look like some winners to me! Let’s check in on how these bets played out last night.

1) BOS Homers tweeting that they’ll go full Affleck from The Town and rob Fenway Park to get the money for Mookie to come back.


2) Guy from your hometown posting on Facebook unironically saying he can make the Yankees.


3) Plumbers in Cincinnati having a very busy Friday because Skyline Chili is running an opening day special buy 1 get 3 free Coney.

Now a lot of people have been questioning the authenticity of these tweets and some people scumbags have even suggested I made these burner accounts and tweeted from them to cover my ass. I will not tolerate a few simps questioning my gambling abilities. They’re coming from a place of jealousy and insecurity and I hope that one day they’ll be able to make Stone Cold Locks like me but until then do not slander my betting name.

If you ever need any gambling advice please slide in my DM’s on Twitter @AgentChavyScarn and no matter what time it is I will always respond…..a few hours later.

Gif via Make A Gif (LINK)

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