Chavy’s Thoughts July 24th 2020


What’s up Branders? It’s Friday you know what that means! The U-23 Branders are preparing their mind, body and soul for a weekend of drunken debauchery, while the 24 and over Branders are just trying to enjoy their 48 hours off of work before Monday hits us like a freight train. Some of the 24 and over Branders will party hard this weekend and think they’ve turned back the clock like their Vince Carter…only to turnaround on Sunday morning and wake up feeling like Greg Oden after playing 6 minutes in a preseason game.

UFC Fight Island Part 4

There’s a stacked fight night this weekend and I’ll definitely be tuning in to see Whittaker and Till throw down. After skipping out on last weekend’s Flyweight title fight (to watch Impact Wrestling) I am clearing the planner to watch this middleweight tilt. A nice little bonus is that we’re gettin a little “PRIDE Never Die” nostalgia with Shogun vs Lil Nog 3 along with Fabrico Werdum fighting Alexander Gustafsson in a interesting heavyweight tilt. Now if only the UFC would go full PRIDE and allow soccer kicks and stomps during this pandemic that’d be CAN’T MISS TV!

Nightcap Recap

Tuesday night myself and Eddie went live for the Nightcap.

This was a last minute thing put together and while some may have crumbled under the pressure I just put on my hard hat, clocked in at the Nightcap factory and did what I do best.

P.S. Important news about the Nightcap will be coming to you next week that involves yours truly, stay tuned.

Suga Suga…..with my coffee

One year your releasing a Billboard song and 17 years later your dropping dad jokes on Instagram. Some might rip on Baby Bash for his Instagram but I’ll let it slide because Suga Suga still fucks my ear pussies very hard in 2020.

Branded Sports Tweet of the Week

The Branded Staff (myself included) have fired off some great tweets this week. Some have gotten the recognition they deserve, while others seemed to have slipped through the cracks. Well no longer will a good tweet by AJ, Ali, Eddie, Kwals, Kmess, Stevie Stats, or the Degenerates go unnoticed. Every week we will salute the best tweet among the Branded bloggers and provide them with a prize.

Our finalists this week include the following tweets.

And the winner is……….

YOU THE READER! You’ve now been blessed with some of the funniest tweets of the week and now your Friday just got a little bit better!

That’s all I have this week for Chavy’s Thoughts. I had a pretty boring week for a change and it was nice. I could’ve talked about the fact we beat the church team in our softball league (because God favors the beer drinking degens over the pussies drinking water) but that’s not important.

Check back late next week for a hopefully longer Chavy’s Thoughts.

Stomp GIF via GfyCat (LINK)

Drumroll GIF via GIPHY (LINK)

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