Curt Schiling Calls Mike Missanelli A Little Bitch

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What a bizarre world we are living in, it really never stops. Mike Tyson is fighting Roy Jones Jr in the year 2020, Taylor Swift is stealing the stage from Kanye West and now Mariano Rivera is at the White House during a COVID press conference. Makes zero sense.

So whatever, that happened. I guess Mike Missanelli saw it and I bet he made comments about it on his show. But he also fired off a tweet taking a shot at Trump and Curt Schilling and very openly right winger returned fire.

Mike hasn’t responded yet on twitter and I don’t think he will. I’m sure after the mic toss heard round the world, 97.5 told him he needs to chill a little bit. I imagine he is pacing around the studio just boiling at the fact he can’t hit send on some Sicilian level tweets.

Now these two have a little past. Curt used to join Mike every week during baseball season a few years back. They would keep it mostly civil even though any times politics came up they would ‘playful’ take shots.And on a few occasions they would really get into it as they are on total other ends of the political spectrum. 

Really hope Mike responds, Curt doesn’t hold back.

PS, like Curt or not he’s a hall of famer. Just needed to put that out there.

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