Looks Like We Will Have Fans At Phillies Games After All


Suck it corona! We up in this bitch…….kinda

NBC Sports: In the near future, the Phillies are offering fans a chance to be “part of the crowd” this summer with cardboard cutouts of themselves in the stands. It costs $25 for season-ticket holders and $40 for the general public to be on a Phillies game face, with all net proceeds going to Phillies Charities.

I mean, I guess we’ll take it right? Better than some of these other teams that are charging way more and not donating the money. At least Phillies are putting the cash to good use. But I need to ask a real question. How come virtual reality isn’t to the point where we can toss on some glasses and it look like we’re at the game? Charge a certain amount for certain seats. How is this not up and running yet? seems like the easiest money making opportunity ever. Figure it out science. 

Anyway, I will most likely buying one of these. Not because I want to but because I feel like I have to. The only question is what kind of picture? Do you think the Phillies will accept shirtless ones with a big P painted on my chest? Only one way to find out I guess. 

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