Delco has created a Beer Softball League and it’s so Awesome

During trying times like these, the Men of Delaware County found themselves at a loss. With COVID-19 taking over everyone’s lives, a lot of Delco dudes, found themselves bored out of their minds. So what did they do? They started the best thing to happen to Delco in Centuries,

The Delco Degenerate Softball League (DDSL).

In a matter of two weeks a group of Delco kids were able to create a beer softball league with 22 teams (all with own uniforms), real sponsors, and a podcast reporting all there is to know about Delco Softball.

This league has become a way of life for these guys. It truly is magical. In the middle of the week the boys all go to their 7 am jobs and count down the hours until they get let off for the day. They run home, shower, eat, maybe take a nap, and before you know it it’s game time. They grab their coolers and gloves and they head out to their various home fields which are scattered all over Delaware County.

The games are electric. Each team has their own set of scumbag Delco characters and each one of them are a vital part of winning. Some guys have pure talent, some just bring the energy, some are better as coaches, and some just bring the beer.

What has also formed out of this league is the podcast Uncut Diamond. Which talks about the league and the players and everything else in between.

We as a community want to see this league grow, and we would love for YOU to be involved.

Below is the Official podcast for the Delco Degenerate Softball League. Episode one is linked, and two is also out. Every Sunday.

Below is last weeks game of the week with The Good Brothers vs The Carmen Convicts. It can definitely give you a feel of what Delco Degenerate Softball is all about.

If this league has proved anything, it’s Delco is always here for you. No matter what the world is going through, we will find a way to drink beer and bust balls. Always.




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