Video: Former Eagle Terrell Owens Raced Tyreek Hill And It Was Closer Than You’d Think

AJ Torres

First off let me start off by saying Tyreek Hill is stupid fast. He ran a 4.37 40 yard dash and that was with him slowing down the last 5 or so yards. To be completely honest though Terrell Owens finishing the 40 at 4.42 is just unbelievable. The guy is 46 years old!! Dude was created in a lab.

Word is Owens is making an attempt to come back to the NFL. 46 is 46 but TO is a genetic freak. Sure looks like he could still play. He’s in better shape than basically any person I’ve met in my entire life including myself. My question is Eagles nation… For old times sakes would you atleast give TO a tryout?

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