Patriots Fans Please Welcome ŁØRD ßØØG1Ē ØF THĒ DÄRKÑĒŠŠ


So far in his tenure as a member of the New England Patriots, Cam Newton has already provided Patriots fans with a new folk hero. Tom Brady posted at least 4 birthday videos for Gisele obviously trying to remind Patriots fans what we’re missing. Well, now that we’ve got ŁØRD ßØØG1Ē ØF THĒ DÄRKÑĒŠŠ, the GOAT is a little less impressive. We’ve got the ûñïčørñßØØG1Ē now.

In a completely honest and poetic assessment of the situation, Cam Newton is a very interesting guy. The dedication alone to typing in that font on every single post, I will literally take him at his word that he is the MÄŠTĒR ØF ₩ØRK, ŁØRD ßØØG1Ē ØF THĒ DÄRKÑĒŠŠ, brëâkër øf âłł thë ߊ, FÄTHĒR TØ ÄŁŁ HÏŠ KÏDš‼️

Now that he’s mentioned it I do feel like Cam would be pretty badass on Game of Thrones. Give him a huge fur coat to go with a hat he already has and he probably would have given people a better ending than the one HBO delivered.

Cam’s Instagram game has been off the charts since singing with the Pats. The entire thing has an aesthetic. Black and white photos with a few in color just to keep people guesting a little bit. The aforementioned consistent font in all of the captions and most importantly at least 1 six pack photo in each row.

This is not a guy that is going to just let little Jarrett Stidham come in and throw a few screen passes to Rex Burkhead. That’s not a ŁØRD ßØØG1Ē ØF THĒ DÄRKÑĒŠŠ move. And ready or not, he is coming North.


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