Gabe Kapler Did Something Seriously Controversial and Egregious Last Night

I mean, just look at this ridiculous  approach Gabe Kapler took last night:

The more I look at this, the more I chuckle. I mean, what was the background context that lead to an overloaded outfield of four while everyone stranded in the infield shifts to the right?
In a time where sports are just quite out of reach, this would be the big splash on the Philly radio airwaves today if Kapler we’re still the manager of the Phillies. It would not be pretty.
Gabe Kapler got under the skin of certain Phillies fans so badly, they probably skyrocket right past the kneeling debate and straight to the heavy shift he had the team doing. He broke the rules of normalcy, and some fans just weren’t having it during his Philly tenure.
I liked Gabe Kapler. He was a solild manager. The front office, their lack of development of prospects; and the GM are much larger issues than some whacky shifts. But, Kapler is much better off in San Francisco. He can go wild with his strategies whether it’s pulling his starter early or just not eating potato chips ever. The Bay Area seems a bit more lax.
Gabe is better off managing somewhere other than Philly. Philly is better being managed by Joe Girardi.
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