Eagles Release Jalen Reagor Hype Video

AJ Torres


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Jalen Reagor is going to be an instant boost of offense to this team. Regardless of what Doug said in a zoom chat earlier this off season, Reagor is going to be a day 1 starter. The kid is simply too good, too athletic, and too versatile not to step right in. He’s going to bring a Deebo Samuel/Tyreek Hill type of playing style and motor to this team. Quite frankly they haven’t had someone like Reagor in I couldn’t even tell you how long.

The kid does everything. He can run every route in the route tree, he can block, he can run end arounds and reverses, and the most important thing is his hunger to prove anyone and everyone wrong. Reagor hears the naysayers and he sets out to prove everyone wrong. By golly I believe the kid will do so. Any one who doubts this kid doesn’t know football. When you have ex nfl players including “child please” “ochocinco” Chad Johnson saying things like he’ll be a magician you tend to sway the professionals way.

All I know is I’m super stoked for this kid to fly all over the field. He gives Wentz a new and fast toy to play with. Having Reagor and Jackson along side with most likely Greg Ward and Whiteside until Alshon is back is a legit track team out there. It’s going to create so much room in the middle for Ertz and Goedert, and holes for miles to run through. The potential for this offense is unlimited.

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