Does Mark Zuckerberg Have Ass Implants?

AJ Torres

So if you’ve been on the internet you’ve saw the picture of Zuckerberg surfing and I have one thing to say…. WHAT IN THE FUCK!?!?! This guy is a billionaire, does he not have someone to tell him that he applied just entirely too much sunblock? He is the first guy I’ve ever saw look dorky while surfing. It amazes me.

Now lets get to the main point. Did this dude get ass implants? I mean c’mon dudes got an unnecessarily huge donk. There’s absolutely no way his ass has always been that big. I know people who have I don’t know what to do money usually get cosmetics done but that just seems like an odd area for a man. There are so many photo shops up him on Twitter it’s hysterical. Here are the two best ones I found.

There are plenty more photoshops but these two just completely had me on the floor rollin. I seriously just need to find out if it’s implants or his legit ass because if I don’t it’s going to bother me.

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