Cris Collinsworth Calls Nick Foles Super Bowl LII Performance, the Greatest Quarterback Performance of All Time


Cris Collinsworth was a welcome guest on Pardon My Take. I know a lot of people don’t like him as NBC’s color commentator, but his voice is just associated with football season. Hearing it again gave me an hour escape from the crippling reality that football season is on the ropes, getting its ass kicked by COVID.


Big Cat brought up the Bears, their options at quarterback and if Nick Foles can be The Guy. Collinsworth danced around the answer because he very evidently didn’t think it was a definite yes. So, he sidestepped it by saying Foles played the best game he had ever seen from a quarterback in Super Bowl 52.


The only other performance he said came close was Colin Kaepernick in New England years back. Go have your flag debate with a brick wall.


Collinsworth’s comments perfectly summarize the Nick Foles experience. He played two of the greatest games you’ve ever seen a quarterback play. He went toe to toe with Tom Brady and won. Brady went for 500+ yards, and Collinsworth calls that game the greatest quarterback performance of all time, in favor of Foles. And after all of that, he is in a quarterback battle with Mitchell freakin’ Trubisky.


Speaking of Nick Foles Super Bowl performance, tell me this isn’t the most accurate tweet of all time:


I dropped to my knees out of exhaustion and glee simultaneously.

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