According To Chris Simms, The Patriots Might Be Spying On Cam Newton

So apparently Chris Simms has his own podcast. I had no idea but I guess I should have known he would.

Either way on the latest episode he was talking about Cam Newton and had this to say about his short time with the Patriots so far.

“I think they started to do their due diligence there. And listen, New England, again, if you made me bet I would bet New England had Cam Newton followed for three to four weeks. That’s just the way New England works. I don’t mean to be like creepy about it, but that’s what I always heard they did with Randy Moss back in the day. When they signed Randy Moss from everything I know they sent somebody out to watch Randy Moss every day. They watched him workout. They watched what he did in his life. Knowing New England, they probably did something like that again.”

I mean this just seems extreme right? And a little racist if you ask me. The guy won was an MVP and the only reason people weren’t signing him was because of the injury history. That’s it. He’s been a stand up citizen since he came into the league. He had the incident in college but that was 12 years ago. I can’t imagine they are worried about him enough to spy on him 24/7 for a month. Also his deal was $1 million. That isn’t a huge investment, not really worth putting a special agent on him.

But we are talking Belichick so who knows.

Whatever, go Pats

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