Walsh’s Wing Review: Gleason’s Bar

Hellllllllooooooooooooo everybody and welcome back to another edition of the BEST Wing review out there, Walsh’s Wing Review!!! On this edition we are trying out another local Levittown place in Gleason’s Bar! Gotta give a special shout-out here to the new owner Pat as he’s a big Branded Sports guy and reached out to us to have me come try their wings. Glad to see this is starting to takeoff a little bit here and I’ve actually got a following for these reviews. I appreciate all the support and we’re going to keep this thing going until we find the best wings in the world…thats right the WORLD!!! Walsh’s Wing Review will be coming to a city near you soon enough so send in your suggestions!

Now let’s take a look at my official review for Gleason’s Bar in Levittown, PA…

Make sure you check this place out! I also tried the cheesesteak and it did not disappoint! Stop by and tell them Walsh sent ya!


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