NFLPA Released A COVID-19 Heat Map For All 32 Teams

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First thought from this, Florida really needs to go. If Tampa didn’t sign Brady I’d say we just shut down all three of those teams for 2020. Unfortunately the story line is too tasty.

Second observation here, I’m happy for Cowboys fans. Finally they are on top of the NFC East rankings in something. Good on them. Let’s get them a banner to hang so maybe their fans can shut the fuck up about things that happened in the 90s.

Third, of course the Patriots have the fewest amount of cases in their area. Boston was the epicenter it felt like only a few months ago. But right when football season comes around they are fine. Wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Belichick had the vaccine already and he’s been slowly giving it out to Pats fans on the low.

All this is useless anyway. College football is going to get cancelled and then pros. Life with sports is over as we know it and basically so are our lives. I hate it here.

Go Birds

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