Didi Gregorius Is Now A Tattoo Artist…Wait What?


NY Post: “Didi Gregorius taught himself how to play piano when he was recovering from Tommy John surgery, so it should be no surprise the former Yankee picked up a new hobby while baseball was shut down because of COVID-19: tattooing.

“I started to tattoo friends and family and everyone I could think of,’’ Gregorius said from Philadelphia on a Zoom call Wednesday.

Gregorius said people had told him he should start giving tattoos after looking at his drawings, and he started doing it to himself last year.

“I started to tattoo myself, and it felt really good,’’ Gregorius said. “I just kept on going and did almost my whole leg. Then I started on other people during this time off. … It was just baseball and tattooing.”

This guy is now my favorite Phillie. Don’t need to see him take a swing at all, he’s it. Didi is a professional baseball player, something that takes years upon years upon years to become. And before I saw this story I would have thought learning to become a great tattoo artist would have taken the same amount of time. That might still be true for the average idiot out there but not Gregorius. Guy is like, man I’m bored during this break from baseball. Think I’m going to master another life trait.

Save some talent for the rest of us Didi.

Now I don’t want to get ahead of myself here buuuuuuuuut, if the Phillies win the Wold Series* this year. Everyone on the team is getting a custom Didi tattoo right? I’d be first in line. How could you not? Don’t even wait until the next day or week. Do it while you’re popping bottles. I know a guy in college that got drunk and tattooed ‘made in the USA’ on his own ass. Doesn’t it look great? Not the best. Is it a fantastic story though? You’re god damn right it is.

So the point is, how do I get a tat from Didi?

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