Here’s a Unique Story No One’s Heard Before: Jimmy Butler Is Working SO Hard

So a guy walks into the gym at 3:30am…


There’s that fella Jimmy Butler again, working hard to make sure everyone around him knows he’s working hard. I hope I find someone who loves me the way Jimmy loves boasting about his work ethic.

So, the NBA bubble has been existence for less than a week, and the snitch hotline is already being utilized. We probably should have seen it coming that Jimmy Butler was going to get a complaint call on the hotline for dribbling a ball around his hotel room.

Earlier in the week, before this story broke, the article written earlier this year was recycled that highlighted Jimmy Butler’s habit of showing up for workouts at 330 in the morning. It also noted how he pushed his new Miami Heat teammates to do the same. They would show up for practice, and Butler would already be there.

We get it man.

Every few months or so, we revisit this “I’m Jimmy Butler and I work harder than everyone” narrative. He has 3 playoff series victories in his career. Now on his fourth team, if the Heat are bounced in the first round of the Bubble Playoffs, would it finally kill this tired “hard worker” narrative? It has to right? Or will everyone else get blamed per usual.

Jimmy Butler as a player on the Sixers was great. But if we actually had to be his friend, teammate and co-worker, he seems like he’d be a real pain in the ass to get along with. Which I guess checks out here on team #4 in four years.

Best of luck to Jimmy Butler’s hotel neighbors!

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