Bill Belichick Appears To Be Making The Most Iconic Subway Commercial Of All Time


Admittedly, Subway has had some classics in the vault for quite some time. He may be in federal prison, but Jared held it down for a few years. The $5 footlong jingle topped the jingle charts for probably the longest amount of time in commercial history. Recently we’ve had RGIII and the Watt brothers.

But without even seeing any professional video footage of the shoot, I can already tell Bill Belichick is about to drop the next generation in Subway commercial dynasty.

Trying to figure out what I think Bill’s Subway order would be and it’s making me question if he’s even a Subway guy at all. I could see Jimmy John’s or even D’Angelos but as an Italian BMT guy? Meatball? Perhaps a tuna melt? None of them quite fit.

There’s one thing for sure; Bill Belichick is a one take kind of guy. There’s no chance any director has the balls to ask Bill to ‘try that again’ or ‘look a little more satisfied’.

No budget for makeup and wardrobe, he was just told to wear his finest khaki’s. Can’t expect to break in a pair on the spot like that. Does Bill Belichick have an agent or did he let his dog Nike control the business side again? I hope this is all covered on Bill’s 6 part ESPN documentary special.


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