Allen Iverson Posts Instagram With Louis Farrakhan….Yikes

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Why Allen? Why? This one is beyond upsetting. Even if we give Iverson the benefit of the doubt and say, ‘maybe he didn’t realize the antisemitic comments in the past’ – which I think we’d be making a wild stretch – you don’t hashtag bucket list moment and not know what the guy preached. But even if he didn’t, with everything that just happened with DeSean Jackson, this is insanely bad optics. 

And speaking of DeSean, he liked this post. You have got to be kidding me. You just went on national tv and social media to apologize. The first opportunity you get, you are liking posts about the very guy (also Hitler) that got you in this shitstorm to begin with?  Come on dude.  Got to be smarter than that.

It’s just upsetting to see another athlete express this type of support.  I’m not sure if it’s just stupidity, or if these guys really are just assholes.  Either way, it seems to be a bigger issue than we thought.  

More details to come from this I’m sure

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