A Bombshell Report From the Washington Post Is Expected Soon Detailing Rampant Sexual Misconduct, Drug Use, and Other Atrocities Within the Redskins Organization

There’s rumors swirling on Reddit, and somehow Reddit is always the first to know. It’s old media vs new media in a battle to see who can expose the Washington Redskins first! And no, we aren’t referring to their racist name this time. The Washington TBD’s needed this clean slate, they’ve got a lot more skeletons in their closet than JUST the name:

This is the most insane cover up story for criminal behavior since, what, the Jerry Sandusky Penn State scandal?
Imagine being notably racist for YEARS and that’s not even the tipping point of the atrocities being committed by your franchise. My only cynical thought is, the sponsors didn’t REALLY care about the name change. They saw the writing on the wall with the allegations about the sex, drugs and assault…and just used the name change as a scapegoat.
There were rumors earlier in the week that minority owners were trying to force Dan Snyder out in a billionaire coup that led to their trillionaire overlord, Jeff Bezos becoming the owner of the team.
 Now, the correlation is starting to become evident. The minority owners got fed up with the illegal extracurriculars going on under Dan Snyder, so they plotted his demise to save themselves. These stories just don’t appear. When this story from the Washington Post breaks, it’ll likely contain a TON of anonymous sources ranging from the cheerleaders to the ownership group. People within that organization knew the end was near, and they saw their ticket out.
For the Snyder regime, it’ll be a hell of a 30 For 30. He is already one of the most despised people within the NFL, maybe even more so than Roger Goddell himself. It’s truly hard to wrap your head around the fact that there is an even lower rock bottom. The StunHub scheme is scummy, it’s right up his alley. But the rest of these allegations are jaw dropping, even for him. Joe Paterno was a saint until the Penn State scandal broke. Dan Snyder was the devil in disguise yet depending on the full details of this report, his big scandal may be even more shocking than an innocent guy like Paterno getting caught up in this.
Now that the Reddit sharks are circling in the water, this report is coming out from the Washington Post, sooner rather than later. Likely as early as tomorrow. One of those type of reports you’ll always remember where you were when the news broke.
There’s a scene near the end of Bojack Horseman, where he bombs an interview and admits to stuff like this. Sexual Misconduct. Drug Use. His agent tells him to spend the next few hours to find some place where he’ll be happy before that interview airs. She knows it’s over for him once it does. That had to be how Dan Snyder feels right now.
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