Jason Peters Resigns With The Eagles And I need To Have A Word With Brain Baldinger


News just broke, Jason Peters is back with the Birds. 

Somehow some way a 100 year old Jason Peters got more guaranteed money than Cam Newton. Whatever, that’s nor here no there. 

What I am concerned with is was this what Brain Baldinger was talking about the other day? Because if it is, we need to explain to Baldy what ‘big news’ is around these parts. Jason Peters coming back is cool I guess to help with the Brooks injury but big news. No sir. Big news is Jamal Adams. Big news is Clowney. Big news isn’t your former player that has one foot in the glue factor is coming back to play a different position. I’d actually go as far to say bigger news would have been hiring a new wide receivers coach. 

I love Baldy but this is not big news tweet worthy. I pray he meant something else. 

UPDATE: He just retweeted this so yup looks like this was the big news.

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