Alshon Jeffery Has Been Confirmed, Josina Anderson’s Source

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Confirmed, one of Philadelphia’s biggest enemies was fed information from one of Philadelphia’s most heartbreaking characters. Alshon Jeffery was an addition that every Eagles fan raved over. After the Super Bowl and we found out he basically played the entire year with one arm, we were head over heels in love.

But then things started to slowly come undone, and one of the biggest moments was this story by pukefest Josina Anderson about tension in the Eagles locker room. 

Everyone immediately thought, got to be Jeffery but he denied it and so did Anderson. Which honestly, what were they supposed to do. Come out and be like ‘yeah I hate my quarterback.’ They had no choice but to lie, so we all went about our lives and gave them both the old, sure buddy, whatever you say, treatment.

Well screw that, we’ve got our answer now.

Alshon Jeffery’s days with the birds are numbered now. Feel bad for Howie actually. He lost all leverage to get rid of him now that this story is out there. The entire league now knows that Jeffery is a problem and one that the Eagles are looking to get away. Value has officially tanked. I assume we are going to get just an awkward season this year with him and Carson pretending everything is ok. Basically McNabb and TO part two.


Go Birds

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