Trevor Lawrence Confirmed Bad Golfer


Have to love watching op athletes stink at golf. When a pro golfer shanks it warms my heart. Yes I know it’s like 1 out of a billion but it still counts. Mine might come 1 out of 4 but whatever. Even though Trevor is a far cry from a pro golfer he is still a world class athlete. And watching guys that are this good at sports suck at a sport I play, well that brings joy to my heart. Not because I enjoy watching athletes struggle and go through hardships. I do but that’s not what I’m saying. Just like seeing that they are actually human. 

And honestly, with no college football most likely this year. (RIP) Trevor is probably going to get pretty good. Way better than I’ll ever be. Come like October, I’ll hate him too. So I’m going to enjoy this one. 

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