Greatest Bat Flip Of All Time?

Holy shit, this kid just took over as the man of the house…I have no clue if that dude is his dad or not but he takes him YARD. For the sake of this blog I’m saying that’s his dad. Not only does he send dad’s fastball to the fucking moon, he may have had the best bat flip of all time.

The disrespect out of this kid with the bat flip is legendary. He basically said I’m the man of the house now and that’s that.

Dad has to throw a heater at his head next time  he’s on the mound. That’s the only way he can reassert any sort of dominance. If dad doesn’t retaliate this kid is going to be drinking by next week and is on his way to becoming a degenerate gambler with a drug problem before he’s 15.

Side note- Dads don’t let your kids disrespect you like this, make sure you show them who’s boss when you’re on the mound against them.


Video-Bleacher Report

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