Add Everson Griffen To The List Of Guys That Want To Play For The Eagles


Alright fine, some of you are going to read that and say, he’s just saying he wants to be looked at as much as Clowney. I will give you that but this guy barely tweets. Average of roughly 120 tweets a year. I do that a week easy. So him reacting to a tweet with the Eagles being the only team mentioned by name says something to me.

Tells me that he has interest in the team and that the Eagles are considered a contender around the league almost universally. This would be something that would definitely tickle my fancy.

Griffen will be 33 this season but picked up 8 sacks last season compared to Clowney’s 3. Also Griffen should command a much smaller contract. If I had to venture a guess I’d say Howie will at least kick the tires on Everson. He loves saving money where he can and this seems like a logical option to do so.


Featured Image: Dawg Pound Daily

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