We’re All Focused On Britney, But Do We Need To Worry About Jessica Simpson Too???


With all of the attention on the #FreeBritney movement, it’s possible we’ve been distracted from the many other pop stars that could use our help. When I saw this photo Jessica Simpson posted on Instagram in advance of her 40th birthday, I audibly gasped and clutched my invisible pearls.

Jessica Simpson has always been the female pop icon with the fat stigma haunting her despite never actually being fat a day in her life. Our girl was 9 months pregnant for like 6 months carrying human life and all people could say was “smh remember Dukes of Hazzard Jessica”???


That kind of public ridicule in a time where all of our female pop stars were under constant paparazzi attack; on the cover of almost every smut magazine in the country, can really fuck with someone’s mental stability. Add in the fact that Joe Simpson is her father and boy, we should have seen some of these warning signs coming.


Pretty sure Jessica has already admitted that she developed an eating disorder during the Dukes of Hazzard short short phase, but no one seems to care because it gave them decades of jerk off material. But I will not stand to see another one of our beloved icons give a silent cry for help.

I’m all for Jess being healthy and happy. People forget with her line of bags and accessories she’s worth almost $200 mill. Easily the most financially stable of the pop star conglomerate. She’s got a hot former NFL husband and 3 adorable children. She became a sort of set it and forget it celeb. Do we think she’d ever get a Vegas residency or get back into reality TV? Not a chance in hell.

More recently Jess started getting her steps in, posting some exercise thirst traps for the gram. I mean look at those calves! I might have missed a breast reduction along the way but was happy to see Jess happy, focusing on her mental health.

But this drop?! Pretty sure that iPhone 11 is bigger that Jess’ waist here. To be honest I think her nails are the biggest red flag for me. What’s going on with these square tip acrylics?? Do we need to start getting in Jess’ comments with a safe word? Please just let us know you are OK girl. 2020 cannot go this far.

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 3.03.55 PM


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