The Eagles Are BACK in the Jadeveon Clowney Sweepstakes Because He Wants to Play For a Winner

We are BACK with another Jadeveon Clowney rumor. The show goes on!
John Clayton recently did an interview with 97.3 where he stated Clowney wanted to play for a winner. The Cleveland Browns have fancied Clowney for quite some time, and Clowney has basically ghosted them. Without many other suitors, a winner who could land him is… yeah you know!
Here’s what Clayton said on the matter that got Eagles fans juices flowin:
“He’s going to be interested in Philadelphia because one of the things and one of the reasons he turned down Cleveland is because he wants to go to a winning team. He turned down Miami twice because he didn’t expect them to be a winning team.”
When the season ACTUALLY starts, I’m gonna most the good ol’ day days. This whole offseason of thinking that Yannick Ngakoue and Jadeveon Clowney will be an Eagle any day. Holding on to that faint hope that an all-pro defensive end will just fall in our laps.
I will say, the Eagles have ended up in the perfect (and only) scenario where they could land Clowney. They are $50 million over the cap next year so they can’t do long term deals. Despite the cap space this year, they couldn’t really get into a bidding war with a ton of competitors. We’ve reached July. One of the defensive ends in the game is just sitting there weeks away from Training Camp without any significant deals on the table and barely any nibbles in the market. The ONLY way the Eagles land this guy is at a bargain, prove it deal for 1 year around $10 million.
Well, here we are.
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