RIP Tik Tok


RIP is the new trend on Tik Tok where you use your dead relatives in your Tik Tok videos.

I know I’ve said this a million times before but this may be my new favorite Tik Tok. The setup, the delivery, the swerve, the punchline they’re all just perfect.


When life hands you lemons (or death in this case) you make Tik Tok videos. I can’t speak for or to the dead because I’m not a medium (because it’s all bullshit and not real) but I bet her dad and brother just cracked a cold brew up in heaven and had a good laugh with the boys while scrolling through the for you page.

Oh you thought this was going to be about Tik Tok being canceled for stealing your information? Nah. Who’s got time to worry about China stealing private info when we’re trying to live in the moment, trying to go viral and earn some sick internet clout.


Featured image of the Dork twins via YouTube (LINK)

Carl Chef Kiss GIF via Tenor (LINK)

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