Real World: NHL Edition


Ladies and gentleman welcome to Real World: NHL edition…We now know what teams will be sharing hotels and it’s not going to happen but this should be turned into a reality show. A combination of Big Brother and the Real World with the best hockey players in the world.

First let’s take a look at which teams will be sharing hotels…

The potential for A++ TV is literally smacking us in the face with some of these. On the Eastern conference side you have basically five teams that can’t stand each other in one hotel and in the other you have the misfits of the conference who had been battling each other all year for a chance at the playoffs.

Out in the Western conference the NHL missed a great opportunity for some electric content as they separated the Oilers and Flames. Probably a smart move when it comes to keeping things safe but a huge missed opportunity for some elevator brawls between those two teams.

On both sides there seems to be the better teams at one hotel and the average teams in another. Now I know the teams will be confined to their own floors and won’t be able to interact with each other but man, I’d pay good money to hear some of the chirping that would be going on. I could totally see Travis Konecny running down the halls of the Penguins floor playing ding dong ditch at 3am the night before the Pens play a game.

If I had to pick one of the hotels to be in I’d have to go with the first one in the East. There so much potential comedy in that hotel it’s insane. You’ve got TK and Hayes for the Flyers who would just be running wild. Ovie and the caps would just be getting absolutely plastered off the Russian Vodka. Then you’d get Marchand going around being the little rat that he is just trying to piss everyone off. Tampa and Pittsburgh would be the two teams not having any fun at all as they’d be taking everything too seriously.

I know Covid isn’t going to allow for any of this type of shit to happen but a man can dream right? Also, I’m putting my vote out there now that we do the same thing next year and just put teams in hotels but make it like Big Brother and just have cameras everywhere and see all the shenanigans go down.

Hotel Groups- Flyers Nation 

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