Is This Kmess Tweet The Reason Sports Are Cursed?


If you know anything about Branded you know that I hate everyone that works here. New guys don’t know how to ever work WordPress, Kevin is a cowboys fan and just fuck Eddie.

So imagine my shock when I saw this tweet from Kevin today.

You son of a bitch Kevin. I hate you so much. For the record I hate when people talk about their fantasy team. Nothing worse in the world. I’d rather get an enema from a blind homeless man than listen to you talk about how you were so smart to draft Lamar Jackson late.

But had I known that Kmess deciding he wasn’t going to play fantasy football would result in football all together being ripped from my life. I’d rather listen to him talk draft strategy until he’s blue in the face.

I mean how do you tempt fate like that? And then you double down by tweeting out ‘hey football gods, eat a dick bro.’ Just insane behavior. I’ve already contacted my lawyer to see if there is a lawsuit here. If so I’m going to take everything this smug son of a bitch owns.

God I hate Kevin!!!

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