Greatest Woj Bomb Ever: Adrian Wojnarowski Responds ‘Fuck You’ to US Senator

Woj has always somewhat been seen as this robot with just a really active Twitter account. His life is just for your insider rumor pleasure. But, the man has a life and a personality. He loves St. Bonaventure basketball and apparently, dunking on US Senators.

I love how this Missouri schmuck thought this would somehow deter people from liking Woj. If anything, it shows another side of him that isn’t just “I break news on basketball”.
The best part for me is that Josh Hawley, the Missouri senator tagged Outkick in his post. He knows racists live on Outkick like cockroaches live in Subway stations that smell like piss. Hawley leaking Woj’s email message to Outkick gives Clay Travis a brief chance to write about something other than than God awful Coronavirus predictions.
This all started because Josh Hawley, asshole and US Senator wrote some letter “blasting” the NBA for their China ordeal, but not supporting US troops. The “Fuck You” was warranted. I’m so sick of the political agendas in this country. Nobody, including NBA players , think to themselves “you know who I won’t support? People who are forced to leave their families and fight in wars with no promise of return”. Like you have to be a real jackass to push that narrative about not only the NBA but really anyone.
Woj handled this the way we start needing to with people like this. It’s like arguing with a brick wall. You can’t win and you won’t change their delusional minds. Just a simple “fuck you” and keep it moving!
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