What NBA Players Are Getting For Food Inside The Bubble Is The New Fyre Fest


Troy Daniels shared a simple Instagram story, knowing exactly what it was going to do to the Twittersphere.

At first glance that meal wouldn’t satisfy an aspiring actress and pilates instructor in LA let alone a 6’7 professional athlete. A bowl of lettuce and some watermelon. That is nothing but water and air.

That being said he did share a snap of the full menu, which had a few additional items not pictured in the Instagram story. Not a carbohydrate in sight.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 12.31.11 AM

Immediate recent memory calls to the poor struggling influencers who bravely survived the Fyre Festival of 2017, not a group of America’s best athletes supporting a billion dollar industry by themselves.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 12.28.43 AM

Upon further inspection from other players sharing food pics on Instagram, Adam Silver may just move down a notch on the best commissioner list. This is pre-crime.

The penne looks like that dry ass crumbly chickpea pasta and the chicken looks like it cuts like a Michelin tire. A scoop of mashed potatoes in the shape of….a scoop? Come on now.  I bet Mickey Mouse eats better.

There is absolutely no chance Lebron is eating these raggedy meals. JR better get working on a team sanctioned Taco Tuesday special from Lebron’s private chef.


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