Rosters Announced for NHL Restart


The moment we have all been waiting for…we finally know who will be one the ice and which city they will be in….

Today the NHL announced which referees and linesman will be in each city!!

EEB70C6F-0B0A-4C34-BFC3-6A8E48B123E6I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been looking forward to this announcement for a while… We finally know which city Wes McCauley will be in and we can fully expect some more electric announcements.
Here’s the list of all the linesman and refs and which cities they will be in if you actually care. Hopefully they don’t play a part in any of the games but shit happens and most likely every fan based will be pissed off at one or all of these guys at some point.

Keep it here for when the actual rosters of Players are announced and make sure to follow me on Twitter @Keith_Walsh18




Crickets- Google

Wes gif-gyfcat

Roster photo- Twitter


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