Chavy’s Corner July 8th 2020


Happy (insert day you’re reading this) Branders! I’ve decided to take a break from the usual blogs I write to bring back something I used to do when I ran my own blog (RIP Nosebleed Takes). Chavy’s Corner is where I about whatever I want, back in the day it used to be about boozing it up and funny Tinder bio’s I’d come across and whatever else was on my mind. Obviously since I’m happily taken and not drunk swiping anymore I am not on any dating sites anymore (that I know of, I feel like I’m what catfishers fawn over when looking through Facebook for bait) and the slightest hangovers put me on my deathbed I couldn’t blog about that anymore.

So what will I be blogging about in my corner? Well probably whatever weird thought runs through my brain or anything going on in my life that ranges from “kinda funny” to “holy shit I just pissed my pants laughing and ruined my Urban Pipeline slim fitted pants I got with my mom’s Kohl’s cash”.

What I’ve been watching.

I feel like I’ve been on a hot streak lately when it comes to what I’ve been watching on TV. I could sit here and complain about the lack of sports on TV and act like it’s affected me but it really hasn’t. I’m not a watch a game everyday type of sports fan, never have been and never will be (unless the Reds, Blackhawks and Ohio State basketball become juggernauts).

But anyways, recently I caught the first episode of Unsolved Mysteries reboot on Netflix and holy shit what a story that was. I won’t go into details about it because I don’t want to spoil it. He killed himself.

For the unaware I’m a big true crime shows (but only if they have shitty re-enactments) so Unsolved Mysteries, Forensic Files, The New Detectives, you name an episode and without hesitating or taking a breath I’ll recap it front to back for you.

One of my personal favorite Forensic File episodes involves a man who only agreed to be on camera if they listed “softball pitcher” as his occupation.

I also watched The Other Guys for the first time last night. And before anyone shames me for not watching this earlier (better late than never, even if it’s 10 years too late) I watched just about every big comedy from the 2007-2010 era religiously so the only explanation I have is that The Other Guys just got lost in the shuffle. Overall I loved it and was kept laughing throughout the movie. I loved how self aware it was and the Bed Bath and Beyond scene had me in stitches. My only complaint would be that I wish they would’ve went with an R-rating on this. Now I’m not saying make it R-rated just for the sake of more f bombs, bewbs, and raunchiness, I just felt like some of the jokes and lines could’ve benefited from having a bit more breathing room. I get why they went the PG-13 route (C.R.E.A.M.) but when looking at the box office stats for Step Brothers and The Other Guys we’re only seeing a $42 million difference between their box office so is it really worth it to water it down? And yeah I know there’s an unrated version out there but they only add in pointless scenes and a few different changes in the dialogue, it’s not the same as shooting for that R-rating right out of the gate. Again that’s my only knock on the film and it really isn’t even a bad thing. Overall I give it a 4.5/5

Last up on the streaming services is HBOMax. I have to say this is hands down my new favorite streaming service. Yeah it’s $15 a month but that’s almost unfair considering how much quality content we get access to. The Sopranos,Oz, True Detective etc. But the one show that I fell in love with on there is The Wire. I’m currently on my first rewatch of the series and I blazed through the first 2 seasons at an alarming rate. I mean I blinked and next thing I know Marlo Stanfield is coming for Avon’s crown. I can honestly say I’ll probably watch this series another 4-5 times before it’s all said and done. There’s something about The Wire that just sucks me in and holds me hostage for the next 5 hours, but I’m not complaining (shoutout to Stockholm Syndrome).

White Claw, the new official summer drink?

I’ve never been a big hard seltzer fan but I have to say after drinking them this past weekend they may be the new drink for summer. The sweet sweet taste of refreshing black cherry seltzer water sensually hitting my lips gave me a boner that I thought only BlueChew was capable of (USE PROMO CODE CHAVY TO GET YOUR FIRST MONTH SUPPLY FREE).

Hangover’s suck

It could’ve been the combination of a 32 oz Sol, a tall Miller High Life and multiple White Claws but holy shit I was dead on Sunday morning. Dry mouth, bubbly stomach, splitting headache I had it all. The perks of getting old.

Taco Tuesday

I made a Taco Tuesday video. Plz watch. My mom says if this gets 500 views she’ll send me to magician’s camp once COVID is over.

Weekend Plans

This weekend is lining up to be a great one! Me and the boys are going to hit the Zoom Room and watch the UFC fights. I won’t go into a full breakdown (Mystic Mac has you covered later this week) but I will let you know where my allegiance lies.

I always root against Masvidal. He’s the modern day Diaz bro, great fighting style but has an excuse for every loss aka the opponent doesn’t fight the way he wants to.

Oh yeah and I don’t plan on getting the Coronavirus this weekend!

I’ll probably do this blog again next week because longer blogs like this are really fun to outline and write so be on the lookout for that.

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