Bryson DeChambeau Hits Piss Missiles – An Analysis

Bryson DeChambeau AKA the Mad Scientist has been called a know it all or a geek, but in this new post-COVID era it is becoming increasingly more difficult to call Bryson anything other than a genius. What this dude has done in the past year is nothing short of remarkable.

Of course we know that Bryson comes from SMU with a background in engineering, wears a stupid looking hat, & all his irons are the same size. It seems like everything was talked about besides his actual golf game. In fact the golf community was quick to write him off as a gimmick and not a legit contender when he first burst onto the scene.

“No where in the same class as Tiger, Phil, Brooks, DJ, Spieth, Ricky, Rory, & JT,” many of the experts said, but what he has accomplished this year has catapulted him into that elite class. Let’s check out his finishes since the Tour has resumed post COVID.

Bryson has been dominating since the return & a lot of this success has to be attributed to his increase length off the tee.

It’s no surprise that golfers are chasing length – with advanced metrics widely available & the advancements in technology – it’s hard to blame them. Let’s take a look at this viz showing the average distance off the tee since 2000.

In 20 years – the average drive has increased by 23.2 yards. That is an outrageous increase.

Bryson’s no dummy – he saw this trend coming years ago. He expressed interest in adding additional length but didn’t want to injure himself along the way.

Lucky for him COVID-19 hit. He capitalized on this time off to run experiments on himself and put together & execute the ultimate plan to optimize his swing. Quarantine was very good to Bryson.

DeChambeau came back from the break looking like a goddamn middle linebacker – dude is chunkier than Pablo Sandovol at spring training. His beefy arms combined with his tree trunk abdomen morphed his body into a rocket launching machine. It looks goofy and his finishing swing is similar to a long drive wannabe, but the dude gets results.

Let’s take a look at how much distance he truly added from 2019 to 2020 and how he compares with the rest of the top 10 PGA Tour players.

As you can see Bryson added over 20 yards in one offseason – a number that is so outlandish my first thought was that the Trackman wasn’t logging correctly.

The second most yards gained from the this group is Webb Simspon gaining 9.8 yards on average. BRYSON MORE THAN DOUBLED THAT AMOUNT. Dude is a chonky trend setter in XL pants that sends piss missiles into the stratosphere.

Our last viz shows hkw far Bryson hits the ball. Spoiler alert, it’s far.

Bryson is head and shoulders above the competition. The truly amazing part is I don’t think Bryson has even scratched the surface of his potential. He outdrove his 2020 average by over 25 yards at the latest tournament (Rocket Mortgage – which he won). He has made such ridiculous strides that I legit think he can add another 25+ yards of carry.

The only question now is if the Mad Scientist can maintain a proper workout regimen to avoid injury. If he can accomplish this – who knows what this guys ceiling is.

He has already done something that no one thought was possible – adding legit length in one offseason. Going forward I will not be doubting this man – he could tell me that putting left handed reverse grip with his 60 degree has less variance than a putter & I will have no choice but to believe him.

If only he would embrace the fact that his brand is a moody beefed up Hulk that pounds the ball into oblivion. The quicker he embraces that, the more people will like him. Unfortunately yntil he does that – people will continue to view him as a gimmick.

Dude is the ultimate trend setter & I’m excited to see what he tackles next – it will only advance the game of golf and all the other pros trying to keep up.

Golf is in an exciting place right now & Bryson has a lot to do with that.

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