Wonder What Denzel Mims Thinks About This Big New York Rat Being Eaten By A Bigger New York Rat

Remember that idiot Denzel Mims that said Philly is a trash ass dirty ass city? You know, the same kid that is going to be playing in New York city for the Jets. Which by the way, city aside, if you play for the Jets you should probably just shut up forever. They are a joke of a franchise and they have literally never beaten the Eagles. 11-0 for Philadelphia.

But I’d love to see what he thinks about this. We’ve got a rat that I 1000000% thought was dead at the beginning of the video laying there. And no one seems to care by the way, which means this is just an everyday thing. But then out of no where he gets swept under the bed like that kid from Poltergeist by that murdering clown. And what would be so hungry and big to rip at huge rat away like it was nothing???? A BIGGER RAT. That’s just New York living Mims.

Philly we have adorable groundhogs eating pizza.

Dirty ass trashy ass New York has giant mutated rats eating other flea bag rats. But yeah man, Philly needs a bath. Enjoy losing 10 games on average every year of your career and head on a swivel. Might get swept away by master splinter if you’re not too careful.

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