RIP Charlie Daniels’….social media manager


First I’d like to say RIPIP to a great artist. Charlie Daniels did things with a violin that 95% of us could only dream of. Plus he made The Devil Went Down to Georgia which is a fucking banger of a song.

I’d also like to say RIPIP to whoever runs Charlie Daniels Twitter account.

There can’t be any worse feeling than tweeting out “He’s Alive” only to find out 33 minutes later that’s not the case.

When you’re the social media manager for an 83 year old you have to think that at any moment they could suddenly pass away so you have to be cautious about what you post to their accounts. You can’t be playing fast and loose!

This guy was posting 2-3 YouTube videos a day on the Twitter account and had the formula down pat.

1. Search for “Charlie Daniels” on YouTube.

2. Copy the link.

3. Tweet link.

4. Repeat.

That’s a fine formula and all but you have to at least read the title of the videos you’re posting to make sure this’ll in no way come back and meme you to death in the future.

I have to think this person decided to plan out the entire week’s tweets before the 4th so they could enjoy a few extra days of nice weather, great breakfasts, cold beers, and late night boat rides at the in-law’s lakehouse.

Better ask the father in law if you can work at his metal shop there big guy!

Featured image via Rolling Stone (LINK)

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