UFC 251 Has Been Saved and It’s Going To Be Epic


The first main event for Fight Island has been saved!!!! That’s right people, after Gilbert Burns was forced to withdrawal from the main event due to Covid-19, Jorge Masvidal will now step in and the fight is set.

It’s the fight that everyone wanted to see and it wasn’t going to happen because Masvidal wasn’t getting paid what he wanted. But now, Covid has forced the UFC hand and had to call on the “Gamebred” Masvidal to save the day.

It takes a different kind of animal to want to step in on one weeks notice to challenge the current Welterweight Champion and one of the most dangerous men in MMA Kamaru Usman. But, that’s what makes Jorge Masvidal so great. He doesn’t back down from anyone and is willing to risk it all for a chance to become champion. The “Baddest Motherfucker” on the planet will look to live up to that nickname on Saturday night.
E89058C6-D303-4B81-A411-7A0E7DC8416AThere were a lot of hurdles to get through to make this fight happen on such short notice but thankfully we made it. It will be a real kick in the dick if one of the Covid test come back positive and they had to cancel the fight completely.

Now on Saturday night we hopefully get to see these two go head to head in what should be an epic encounter. This isn’t just a fight for the Welterweight Championship either, it’s personal. Just take a look at what happened the last time these two came face to face during Super Bowl Week…

These two do not like each other one bit and I can’t wait for them to be locked in that cage together. It would’ve been so much better had there been weeks of trash talk to build it up even more but the fact that we are actually getting this fight is great in itself. This is going to be an all out WAR that you will not want to miss.

UFC 251 is this Saturday, the debut of Fight Island. If you haven’t already cancel your plans and make sure you’re in front of your TV to watch this one. I promise, you will not be dissapointed. We have three Championship fights and if that isn’t enough to get you hype than you might want to check your pulse…Here’s a look at the full UFC 251 Fight Card:

Get ready because Saturday is going to be fucking epic.


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BMF Image-Metro.co

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Video-Ariel Helwani

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