There’s no better feeling than seeing your town make the national news!

I love when my current city (and Northwest Ohio in general) make national news. What’s the national recognition for you’re probably wondering?

Racial solidarity during a time when tension is at an all time high? Nope.

Young girl selling lemonade during the dog days of summer to help her unemployed family? Nope.

A security guard body slamming someone for stealing a candy bar at Dick’s Sporting Goods?

“Will Brander (insert name here) please report to the office below the grandstand to collect their prize.”

Now I know what you’re thinking, Chavy this has 12 likes and 12 RT that’s hardly newsworthy. Well to those people I present to you this.

That’s right Toledo OH has made it to TMZ. We’re going Hollywood Branders! Toledo is now on the radar of some very famous people!

I was actually just in this same Dick’s a few Saturdays ago where I bought some very slick Under Armor shoes (that I feel were a bit overpriced but hey nobody said looking good would be cheap!).

I will say that some juiced up douchebag slamming someone to the ground over a candy bar is a nice change of pace from the usual overdoses that seem to bring attention to our part of the great state of Ohio. Having said that both scenarios don’t help shaking the image that we’re all dirtbags. I may have to pull a Nathan for You style stunt to try and un-sully the reputation we’ve (rightfully) earned.

As for the guy in the video who was thrown around for the candy bar, I hope he takes Dick’s and beats them long and hard….in the courtroom.

Featured Image via The Mary Sue (LINK)

Winner GIF via GIPHY (LINK)

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