Is this handsome guy the next great MMA coach?


I know everyone is still rock hard about the Usman vs Masvidal fight announcement but there’s a video making the media rounds of an up and coming coach carving out his legacy on the amateur circuit.

Greg Jackson? Washed up.

Trevor Wittman? Old news.

John Hackleman? One hit wonder.

Chavy? The future. The blueprint. Future hall of famer.

As someone who has spent years watching the UFC I must’ve subconsciously picked up on the in’s and out’s of how to coach a champion. I can’t say that I’m surprised being the quick learner that I am this happens very often. Whether it’s been stand up comedy, long division, sketch comedy, or any sort of athletic activity I’ll master it in a matter of minutes and quickly transition from student to teacher. Hobbies quickly become money makers for me.

I’ve already put a feeler out to UFC Welterweight “Platinum” Mike Perry and I hope to hear back from him within the next few days. This is a huge a win win situation for both parties, Perry gets an easy W and a top 10 ranking, and I get offers from every UFC fighter bidding for my coaching services.

I’ll be sure to post plenty of Insta stories from Fight Island for all the Branders to enjoy!

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