Wanna See The Worst College Football Take Of All Time?

In a year where everything has gone to complete shambles, somehow the wildest take is centered around college football. A twist not even M. Night could have written. Our tale begins this morning, I was back at the gym for the first time since Corona, no big deal I guess, and I checked my twitter. Saw a video of Johnny Football back in his A&M days and I tweeted this:

A harmless, ‘hey, I really enjoy watching college football more than the pros’ tweet. Thought nothing of it and kept moving on. Little did I know, trouble was a brewin. Turns out, saying I like something really bothers people that don’t like the same thing. Which is weird because there are so many things I don’t like and I never find myself freaking out at complete strangers over them on a Monday morning at 7 am.

For example, onions. Can’t stand them, they literally make me gag. But I’ve never once sought out someone that likes them just trying to trash that person, unlike this gentlemen below.


He clearly isn’t a fan of college football, that’s fine. Do I still think Johnny Football banged his girl? Sure do. At least finger popped her. No harm no foul though, until he says college football is boring af. That’s just a bad take and I’m all for takes. You have to have a take but to think the NFL is exciting and college, you know that place where EVERY NFL player comes from, isn’t. That is a bananaland idea. The Kick Six game is probably a top 5 football game ever played in terms of pure excitement.

So I called it the worst take of all time, which felt correct. He went on to try and make the point that all college football is is superior teams beating up small schools. Which if you’ve watched the sport ever you know that isn’t true. Yes big schools play tune up games but those small schools are the ones that want to play them. They agree to schedule them. Gives those programs an opportunity to make a shit ton of money they wouldn’t be able to make other wise. But for all of those games, you get match ups like, LSU/Bama, Mich/OSU, ND/USC and many more every single week.

So it was the worst take I’ve ever read. Until this, I assume community college educated fella, doubled down heavy.

Wow, what? Hold on as my head finishes spinning. You’re telling me, college football having some blow outs is the same as an angry husband taking his day out on his wife? We’ve officially entered the Twilight Zone. How did we get from Bama playing TN-Martin to domestic violence? Unless I am missing something, this is easily the worst take of 2020.

So congrats I guess to this guy.

PS: College football is so much more fun than NFL. The whole college football experience is so much better. I’ll die on that hill any day.

Featured Image: Bleacher Report

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