Nike Pulled All Redskins Gear From Their Website and FedEx Is Demanding The Team Change Its Name

Money talks. 
So, the Washington Redskins who have ignored clamoring for YEARS about changing their name, may actually be forced to listen. Now, the billionaires are telling them what’s what on their racist name. Today, FedEx formally requested that the name of the franchise be changed.
And FedEx isn’t some schmuck company. They hold the naming rights to the stadium the Redskins play in.
I mean, I guess we call it a stadium? Even though my backyard that has a crater from a removed above ground pool is in better shape than their field. And the pillars in front of the seats make it pretty tough to watch the shitty product on the field.
So, FedEx owns that piece of shit field, so that’s a pretty big deal.
Nike has removed all Washington Redskins gear from their website.

That’s unreal! They can’t sell apparel. The stadium naming rights holder wants to no part with them. They maybe be FORCED into changing their name. 
This is a blessing in disguise for Washington. They’ve been a bottom dwelling franchise for quite some time. A fresh start where the can completely implode their negative identity is a get out of jail free card many poorly run franchises don’t have.
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