Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Still Slaps

So the other day I knew I was going to be in the car for a decent time. Typically I just throw on Spotify and just let all my liked songs play. But I was in the mood for some 50 and decided to throw on the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album and listen to the whole thing from start to finish.

Holy shit, its been a while since i’ve listen to the whole album in one sitting and my god it still fucking slaps. I swear there isn’t a bad track on the album from “Patiently Waiting” to “Wanksta” every song is an absolute banger. Fun fact about this album, it was the first ever rap album that I owned. Coming out in 2003, eight year old me somehow convinced my wonderful mother to buy this for me. Shout-out mom for also having a great taste in music as she will never admit this but i’m pretty sure she bought this because she was a hardcore 50 Cent fan.

So yes, eight year old me was jamming out to the explicit version of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ pretty much on a daily basis. It’s really tough to pick my favorite song on this album because they are all that damn good. I’d say that “21 questions” is definitely up there for me along with “Many Men(Wish Death)”are probably my top two.”If I Can’t” is coming in 3rd on my top three on the album but really I can’t say I have a clear cut favorite. You can catch me singing along to “21 Questions” like this though….


I highly suggest giving this whole album a listen if for some reason you haven’t yet. If you have, go back and listen to it all again because it’s that damn good.


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