NHL Games Scheduled To Officially Start Aug 1st

Big news from the NHL late Thursday night. A source confirmed with NHL Rumors Daily(NRD) that the new target date for games to start is now August 1st. Now things could obviously change due to how quickly the virus can mess shit up. Hopefully all goes as planned and we can start getting some NHL action back. But at this point I don’t think anything is ever officially official until that first puck drops.


As of now the cases in the two hub cities, Toronto and Edmonton have been dropping and things are looking very positive. We also know now that Edmonton will be the city hosting both, the Conference Finals and the Stanley Cup Final. Again, that is another thing that could change depending on the virus but this is the plan for now.

We also know that the Eastern Conference will play their games in Toronto and the Western Conference will play their games in Edmonton. There had been talks about switching that but as of now that’s the plan. That means that both the Oilers and Maple Leafs basically have home games minus the crowds. Could that be an advantage to either team? Maybe, but I’m not fully sold that it’s that much of an advantage without crowds being in attendance. Plus if we’re being honest here, I don’t see the Leafs making it all that far so it shouldn’t really come into play for them. The Oilers on the other hand, have a chance to make a run so it could end up helping them in the long run.

Also, now that I know where the Flyers are playing I may have to take some extended vacation time from work to try and make a trip up to Toronto. I wonder if they are going to let media into these games. Also, I wonder what it’ll take to get a media pass…I can consider myself media now right? Well at least in my eyes I’m gonna consider myself media.


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