Julian Edelman And Danny Amendola’s Bromance Is A Thing Of Beauty

This is that 2016 wholesome content we need back in our lives. 2020 has bent us all over, given us the business and shows no sign of stopping. We need simpler times back. The fast way to get there is more Blaster Budz music videos. Now find a way to get Gronk involved with this. Maybe have him pop out of the closet with a Rambo style Nerf gun. Just lighting everyone up with complete disregard for human life. 

Also quick question/observation. Why is this song better than 90% of music released these days? That sounds like an old person thing to say but seriously. Would you rather listen to that doodle pad looking idiot 6ix 9ine or what ever his name is. Or would you rather put ‘Don’t Eat The Darts’ on blast at your next summer gathering? It’s the later by a mile. 

Give me more of this and Go Pats

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