The Phillies Dropped A Hype Video And I’m Ready To Run Through A Wall

So the Philadelphia Phillies just dropped a hype video and I’m ready to run through a damn wall!

I don’t care if the season is 60 games, 114 games or 162 games, baseball is FRIGGEN BACK!!! Seeing our guys get back out there and fight for the division is something I’ve missed so much… Also I’m one of the few people who think they have the talent to win the division. I think it’s a crock of shit to anyone who says this season World Series champions should have an * next to it… These guys barely had a training camp, no one in the MLB is going to be able to find their true stride or rhythm in the regular season. It’s FAIR GAME for every team if you ask me.

I’m so hype for baseball to be back and this video made me 100 times more hype for our boys to be back in action.


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