NHL Hub Cities Announced

We’re getting closer and closer to the restart of the NHL season and one of the biggest unknowns is where the hell the games are going to be taking place. It started with ten cities when the restart plan was announced and after weeks we now finally know the two cities.

According to TSN’s Bob Mckenzie, we can now officially announce that the two cities that will be hosting the games will be Edmonton and Toronto. From 10 all the way down to 2 and we’re almost ready for hockey to be back.

First things first my guy over at NHL Rumors Daily on Twitter(NRD) has been on top of all this shit I mean the dude just get scoops I don’t know how he does it but he’s killing it right now. He broke the original report that the cities were going to be Vegas and Toronto. Vegas fell apart over the last couple of days and blew their opportunity. Nonetheless, NRD had the scoop on Toronto being one of the hub cities and still gets great information before most do.

290731D4-4845-41FF-B35F-F213055AD47ESo we’ve got the official locations and we are another step closer to dropping the puck and crowning a Stanley Cup Champion. Keep an eye out for my upcoming playoff series previews for each and every series. Also, make sure you toss my guy NRD a follow on Twitter and let’s help get him verified.


Featured Image-CBC.Ca
Twitter Image- NRD Twitter

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