The Sixers Are In Hot Water (Again) Because Their Dance Team is Apparently Super Racist

Trey Songz taking down the Philadelphia 76ers was not on my ‘2020’ bingo card, but that is a spicy one.
Early today, Trey posted screenshots of a former Sixers dance team member admitting she had been scarred by her racist dance teammates who often verbally assaulted her with slurs and threw her clothes in the shower. A video is also floating around the internet exhibiting the verbal attacks from one of her teammates:

The absolute WORST part about it? This isn’t the first time the 76ers brass is hearing about these allegations. If you read far enough into Trey Songz post, you will see that Lara Price, COO of the 76ers was informed of the allegations multiple times, and no action was taken.
Sell the fucking team.
HIPAA violations caused by a General Manager’s burner account. Not committing to paying employees during a pandemic (while simultaneously looming to buy a baseball team valued over a billion dollars). And now a racial scandal involving the dance team they tried to sweep under the rug. It’s just a few of the damning controversies the Sixers have faced during this ownerships tenure.
Oh, here’s one more I forgot about because it’s hard to keep track!

Philadelphia would be a better place without Josh Harris in it. His leadership (or lack thereof) has provided a gateway to controversies that have piled up, all while ticket prices skyrocket. When Jimmy Butler said he would look around “and not who the fuck was in charge”, Harris’s actions enabled all of that to be possible.
His profits over people approach make it hard to enjoy any aspect of the Sixers outside of the star power Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid possess.
This team in every way possible, are inconceivably one of the worst run organizations in all of professional sports.
Oh, and happy one year anniversary of giving Al Horford $109 million fucking dollars.


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