Eagles Sent A Communication To Season Ticket Holders And It Sounds Like The 2020 Football Season Is In Real Jeopardy

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This should have a NSFL warning. Here is what was sent to Eagles season ticket holders.

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This tells us one thing for certain, the chances of fans this year is basically zero. If the NFL isn’t collecting money two months before week one, they really don’t think fans will be there. Which is fine when you consider the alternative, as long as there is football being played. But I fear that isn’t a given right now. If we continue to see cases rise in states across the country and more places taking steps backwards. Sports are going to be in the cross-hairs again. And just like the first time, once one major sports league bags it, the rest will follow suit.

You need to cancel baseball because they can’t get their money right, I would be fine with that. Hockey can’t find the right hub cities so they have to go, whatever, we’ll live. Basketball has too many players opting out of the bubble so that gets canned, not ideal but as long as I have one sport. And that is the king of sports, please don’t take football. Conora, if you are reading this, you take football and you’re going to get a fist right in your suck hole.

More to come as these develop. No word yet if the fans that paid in full are getting a refund. I assume they would either get a refund or offer to have what they paid rolled into next year.

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