Cam Newton Certainly Knows How To Make A Hype Video

First of all I will never say a bad word about Tom Brady but this is more appreciation for the Panthers than Patriots fans have received after 20 years. With all of his resources you would think a TB12 intern could put together some sort of highlight reel of all the little baby Tommy Brady’s and even probably legal drinking age Tommy Brady’s around here. Plus the Boyz II Men track Cam added really is the cherry on top.

This hype video has all of the classic elements for a ‘run through a brick wall’ quote tweet spree and if hype videos could win an Oscar this would have 12.

The opening starts with Cam giving an inspirational speech about perseverance while on a treadmill and anyone who has ever done so while trying to talk on the phone know the degree of difficulty here. It starts way back on March 17th like 3 days into quarantine so he’s been working on this for a while.

Next he makes sure to clear the air that he is absolutely not a diva and that the Panthers broke up with him, not the other way around. No bitter feelings of course, just had to control the narrative of this hype video.

Now it’s time to showcase the most badass looking plays of his career, mostly Cam doing backflips into the end zone. If I thought it was excruciatingly stressful to watch Gronk simply catch a pass down the seam, 2015 Cam would induce vomit in my anxious old age.

On to the serious portion we highlight Cam’s charity work, which is just as impressive as his touchdown montage, or even his twelve pack. Got a co-sign from some of his boys, and now it’s time for the main event.

If you are overcoming a major injury or have any injury concerns and are producing a hype video you must chronicle the rehab itself. It does not look fun. Maybe I’m just squeamish but foot injuries look like a bitch. There is some fancy technology going on between the foot radiation and the bead pedicure but maybe it’s just been so long since I’ve been to a nail salon.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 12.23.15 AM

Behind a backdrop of a non-problematic Kanye song, it’s essential to get a few quick shots of you lifting some weights, mix in some band work and once you do that I think OBJ just kind of shows up.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 12.29.20 AM

And according to hype video 101, everyone knows you have to end with a quotable viral signature clip. Cam had us in goosebump city with this ending. It may have been too much to put a Pats hat on or include a photoshop of him in a jersey and I think Cam realized that. Can’t have that many horny Massholes walking around in the middle of a pandemic talking about Super Bowl back on.


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